Balance your moods

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MoodCalmer™ is a proven self-help method to reduce low mood and depression

24/7 Access

Work through MoodCalmer™ anytime and from any device

100% Online

MoodCalmer™ is available from any device*, giving you the ultimate flexibility

At Your Pace

Work through MoodCalmer™ on your schedule and at your own pace

Depressive Symptoms

Depression can feel like there is no way out. MoodCalmer™ will show you how to leave your low moods behind.

Work in Privacy

Contact with a clinician/therapist/practitioner is not essential for you to complete MoodCalmer™, and since MoodCalmer™ is available online, you can work through it wherever and whenever.

Proven Methods

Based upon the NICE recommendations for the use of computerised CBT programs in the treatment of depression and coupled with the utilisation of proven evidence based CBT, the MoodCalmer™ program engages you in challenging negative thinking and behavioural activation.
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Is MoodCalmer Right for Me?

MoodCalmer™ is designed to help people with mild to moderate symptoms of depression or low mood. It can also support people with long-term health problems who have low mood, as well as carers of individuals with chronic illness.